Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What is Jesus' Mission?

Have been listening to the sermons titled Simply Christianity for the past few days.

The third sermon in the series is titled "What is Jesus' Mission?" coming from the passage of Luke 15:

Jesus was being critiqued (in the Pharisees' hearts) when he associated himself with the sinners and traitors (tax-collectors) of the time. Just how we'd expect important people to associate with other important people, likewise they expected Jesus ("He's God, isn't he?") to associate with the "holy" people like the religious leaders, not with the common person, much less a sinner and those deemed to be traitors!

Jesus responds with three parables, all explaining the same point, but to different degrees: God's really on about saving the lost. And that's exactly what Jesus came to do.

The third parable about the prodigal son shows the extent of this. God doesn't view us as one in the few billions of people on this earth, but rather rejoices greatly everytime one comes back to Him, and into the kingdom of Christ, like how the father joyously celebrated the prodigal son's return.

Who then, is the prodigal son? It's no other than us who've not acknowledged the one who made us, and have gone about living our lives in rebellion (actively or passively) against Him.

Like the sheep we're helpless in our sin, and can't do anything that's enough to redeem ourselves, that's why we need someone else to help us, and thank God he sent his only Son, to pay the penalty for us, that we might have a restored relationship with the Father, now and forevermore.

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