Sunday, April 17, 2005

(How to title this?)

Never knew a lunch can also turn out to be stressful, heh heh.

I guess by now I'm very well known for making people wait: my roommate before going for lessons, my study partners, my friends, and yeah, even others (no guys of course!!!) in "matters of the heart".

I don't know whether to be thankful or what for the many "concerned" friends around that are pretty much interested in this, and are trying to help (although it could be their want for gossip topics also. Hahaha).

Both soft and "hard" approaches being used already, it would be blatantly closing my eyes to things to not decide on what to do soon, although deciding to not do anything is a decision also.


Looks like I'm more of a runnner than a delayer.

That aside, it was good to meet my "shifu" ("teacher", who never taught me much by the way) and another friend this morning in service, and to fellowship with them over lunch.


lagon said...

making me wait is ok (i'm not a gal so no big issue anyway. haha...)

though i dunno much details about wat u toking. all i can say is when u flip a coin it dun land on its side. (ie. for 'yes' 'no' qns there is no 'dunno') i know its a veri sweeping statment cause there would always be an grey area but in matters of the heart, 'dunno' might just be the same as 'no'. just dun regret ur decision though.

n no matter how gd a runner u r, u would run out of steam sooner or later. (unless of course u r playing dota lah. hahaha...)

and while we're n the topic... sleep > dota can??? haha... see lah... now wat time liao??? sun shine until backside already still sleeping. hehehe...


lagon said...

p.s. the title should be "how should i wait???" (i crazy liao. not enough slp. HAHAHAHAHA!!!)