Monday, April 04, 2005

Dying part 2

Slowly but surely, my mind is going.

Not that I'm going mad or anything (it could be so actually, come to think of it), but I'm not thinking anymore, doing things just out from what I feel like doing at that moment, and ending up wasting time on excessive gaming.

Yes, you read it right, gaming. How much worse can it get? Being reduced down to just satisfying myself for the time being, all the time. No different from a person who refuses to submit himself to God who has revealed himself fully in His word and Christ, or worse, an animal.

But if there's anything I should get back to most importantly, it's continuing to renew my mind with the gospel, and also to spend my "processor time" on the things that are important, not on excessive "relaxation". Not for the "comfort" that I may feel when I do listen or read or even just go to church, but for the continued growth toward maturity, for Christ's sake.

Thank God for giving us His word of life, and for faithful preachers like CC.


Anonymous said...

tsk tsk tsk. Be warn!! an idle mind is the devil's workshop!!! Will try to keep you in prayer.

Anonymous said...

hey.. long time no visit your blog.. i could hardly breathe...
*cough cough* how have you been??

haha you with gaming reminds me of how I'm with watching television..

when I reach home from school, I'll just plonk myself in front of that black box and start watching for hours on ends, eat dinner and watch tv, then sleep.. sigh.. I have wasted away... and now... gonna have a change.. haha all my shows also, I have seen e last episode last week, my shows ended liao... sigh... how we can just satisfy ourselves and neglect God... We all deserve to burn in hell... jia you bro!! focus on the cross that Jesus had bore..

me too.. if only I can run the race, seeking His and only His face... =)