Friday, March 28, 2008

Prohibited Relationships

Interesting list from ROM's website: list of prohibited relationships/marriages.

With many people fighting over the homosexual issue (not as publicised now, thanks to state-controlled media), what would they say about this?

Going against the original design of humans is a bad idea really. It has always been put that way (e.g. marrying your mother).

Kindred and Affinity
Prohibited Degrees of Relationship

Prohibited Relationship for Man
(Man cannot marry any of the following persons)
Prohibited Relationship for Woman
(Woman cannot marry any of the following persons)
Mother Father
Daughter Son
Father's mother Father's father
Mother's mother Mother's father
Son's daughter Son's son
Daughter's daughter Daughter's son
Sister Brother
Wife's mother Husband's father
Wife's daughter Husband's son
Father's wife Mother's husband
Son's wife Daughter's husband
Father's father's wife Father's mother's husband
Mother's father's wife Mother's mother's husband
Wife's father's mother Husband's father's father
Wife's mother's mother Husband's mother's father
Wife's son's daughter Husband's son's son
Wife's daughter's daughter Husband's daughter's son
Son's son's wife Son's daughter's husband
Daughter's son's wife Daughter's daughter's husband
Father's sister Father's brother
Mother's sister Mother's brother
Brother's daughter Brother's son
Sister's daughter Sister's son

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