Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Physical attacks using Firewire

It seems that Firewire's specs allow for direct memory access, which is really really bad for security...given the right tools...

Well, it seems that one such tool has been released some time ago, along with the presentation slides on it ;) This one bypasses the Windows XP password lock screen to give you access...

Project page

Presentation slides



hamster said...

In that case just be happy that most PCs don't have firewire ports, and that firewire as an access method is kinda dying down. Actually I don't see much future in firewire esp if USB 3 comes out and is successful in its claims.

Now if you could hack through USB... *NIGHTMARE ALERT*

GunBlad3 said...

It would be a problem actually, counting that:

1. Media production PCs would usually have Firewire ports for interfacing with video recorders, etc.

2. Most if not all laptops today come with Firewire ports and pre-enabled drivers (my 3 year old laptop already had it, much more the case today).

In fact, #2 would pose a higher risk due to the fact that laptops are brought out, thus allowing more people to gain physical access. =O

hamster said...

Hmm. Most of what we get via NUS doesn't have firewire ports. As I mentioned, if they DO have them, then it's a nightmare.

As laptops get slimmer and smaller (read Macbook Slim for an example), they'll have to do away with things like extra ports. Firewire's the first to go...

My laptop doesn't have firewire leh. Also about 3 years old.

You're right about the media production PCs tho. :) I don't have much experience with those.