Thursday, November 02, 2006


Saw my blog's sitemeter for the first time in months, and amazingly there's still a continuous flow of visitors to this site every day, even though I don't update regularly. There's a few possibilities on who are the visitors who come to read:

1. The type that checks every single blog that he/she knows, even though there may/may not be anything worth reading apparently.

2. The type that wants to know what's up with my life (from whatever little I write) somehow.

3. The type that hates me so much that he/she wants to know what I'm doing, so that he/she can curse me/poke voodoo dolls of me/do something with that information. =P

4. The type that uses my blog for other reasons like using the blog links, or just to get their daily laugh out of seeing my horrible blog design.

5. Actually my visitor count is not from people, but search engines only. My blog truly is desolate =D

I haven't seen the details of the visitors yet (don't have so much time), but I'm pretty sure there'd be a considerable percentage of search engines, because almost nobody comments! Hahahah =D

(Exam stress makes people write weird things at times)

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lagon said...

u wan a comment ah???
ok lor...

na. one comment for u.