Saturday, November 18, 2006


If I want to continue my ministry towards all the people around me, I'll need to change a lot further. Not that it isn't impossible (the fact that I changed in so many things cannot be anything else other than God working), but it's scary, uncomfortable and really tiring...

Over the past few months my focus hadn't been on Christ as it should be. Gradually, gradually, I lived for him lesser and lesser, just doing the same external things, but the heart had already run far far away. What an oxymoron: not belonging to this world anymore but losing focus of the sole reason for everything, which is the Judge's impending return.

Doing things with the right heart and the right understanding may not necessarily result in a sooth life, but I know that that's the way the redeemed should live on: in thankful obedience for what God has done for us in Christ.

May I (and the many brothers and sisters of this family) always trust in Christ till the end, and live for Christ's and others' sakes.


hamster said...

Sometimes we turn out to be not as faithful as we think we ought to be. But it's always a comfort when we realise just how faithful God can be. Press on, for He won't let go, just as He never let go of the Israelites completely, just as He never lets go when things seem to be really difficult for us.

GunBlad3 said...

Yeah...if not for the fact that we were forgiven already and that all this is a response to what's been done, I'd probably have given up altogether already..

Thanks for the reminder bro =) I really hope we get to chat up one another during December~