Sunday, October 22, 2006


Today I made a really big promise. A promise to Wai and Maria's kid (Elliot), acting also as a reminder to our promise to all the other children/people around.

What's the promise about? To love him by teaching him God's truths from the bible and by modelling Christian behaviour to him always, so that he not only may come to accept Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour, but also that he may continue to live his life for Christ.

If that wasn't a seemingly impossible task already, the time-span of the promise takes the cake: for the rest of my/his (Elliot's) lives!

Had to pause for a while before I said 'yes' together with the rest of the congregation, really seemed like a immense promise to swear before God and one another =P

Not as if without the promise made, I'm free to not love others around me in that way, since Jesus had already commanded his disciples (and thus us also) to love one another in the same way as Jesus did, in a sacrificial manner.

We like to make solemn promises before one another, eh? =P I know I will fail at times on this promise (as I have with many similar promises), but with God's help, I'll keep trying at it =)

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