Monday, October 23, 2006

No more Blackie

I don't have a dog anymore...Had to bring him to spca for euthanasia because he's really old and unwell for a while even with the medicine and all.

Was a bit depressing to see a pet for 10 yrs gone just like that, even though it's only a pet, not a human. My mum's sadder though, having spent far more time and effort in taking care of it.

On thinking about it it's quite sad that some of us do have better a relationship with the objects/animals than with the people around us. Especially those whom we're supposed to be closest to like family, spouse etc. After all it's mankind which was created in the image of God and not the animals; animals aren't supposed to replace man in certain things.


weez9al said...

oh gosh!! :( This is really depressing to know that blackie is gone.. It's such a nice doggy..! I'm going to miss it too. :(:(

GunBlad3 said...

Yeah...quite different without the dog, even though it's pretty quiet all the time eh