Thursday, September 07, 2006


Finding myself in the middle of a war, what can I do?

The only way I could ever become like this solely is by God's work in me. I'm not that good a person myself to begin with.

If anything's going to progress (with our conscious effort), it'll be when we all fall on our knees before this great and almighty God and confess that we've done wrong.

Yes, we've all done wrong. We've not lived lives as God had designed. The only way out of the final consequence is to turn from our old ways and beg God for forgiveness by trusting in Jesus Christ.

What am I supposed to do? All the wise counsel in the world isn't enough, we must recognize that real wisdom comes only from fearing the Lord. And I must do the same also, else everything will amount only to nothing.

But if we fail to listen to God's biblical counsel, we'll really need to ask God to humble us..

Seeing God's family fight for the wrong reasons pains me the most, and the recent episode also caused by my stubbornness and pride. Coming up a close second, is to see my other family destroyed by sin, sin on everyone's part...

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