Friday, September 15, 2006

Looking Back

It's been slightly over one year since I've committed to join BTPC, to learn and to serve God's people in whichever way possible here.

Looking back over the year, many many many things have happened, and many lessons learnt, from the subtle ones to the jarring and painful ones.

One of the most notable lessons was in terms of my pride: having been rescued from bad theology (I'm not pointing fingers at a particular group or whatsoever, but the simple fact is that I never came to know what Christianity was about in the first place till someone taught us) we came to see how bad the situation was both for ourselves and in Singapore. And unconsciously I came to have the mindset that anyone not affiliated with those that we know or doesn't have the same "eloquence"/Christian jargon as us would be automatically deemed as possibly heretic and treated as such.

(It's wrong to think like that, for it is also possible for a person to be unfaithful to the text in the bible and yet talk with the same language as us, and also possible for a person to be faithful to the text but for various reasons have a different language to a varying degree)

In addition to the scriptures repeatedly exposing my problem of pride, I've also had the opportunity to be corrected by observing others around. In working with the youths here (and bible studies together), the example of the deacon has repeatedly given me a glimpse of how humility (in thinking for others first) could look like, and how far I am from being like Christ.

Not that we shouldn't be aware about or point out wrong ideas about God and Jesus at all, but to make such quick decisions about a person's destiny is uncalled for. And in the either case it's the wrong thinking that need correction just as the right ones need to be reinforced.

As part (only a small part!) of my committing to join this group of Christians to learn and serve one another, I guess it's about time I did my transfer of membership to here =P this is truly a good church to join, though not perfected yet in Christ, but the pastor's accurate to the text when teaching, the people generally are committed to obeying God, and the chance to serve them. And that's what I think is important in a church...

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