Thursday, November 24, 2005

Open Source!

From Romans 12 - 13, part of our response to God's mercy shown to us is in obedience to (correctly functioning) authorities, which we do so also because of the return of Christ to judge (What will the verdict be for us, when we stand before the judgement seat? It's not only belonging to the realm of Christ made possible by his death and resurrection accepted by believing, but just as important is how we live our lives here on earth from that point onwards, whether we reflect that fact or not)

One implication is not having any software/songs that we don't rightfully own (if the RIAS/BSA has any right to prosecute us, we probably have stuff that should be removed), and not downloading any more of these without buying at least.

For those who want seriously want to stop using software that you don't own (unless you want to buy), here's a list of software alternatives that can be considered, since they're free to use (amongst other things that can be done based on the open source license).

As for OSes, I think can try Ubuntu amongst the 6523498 different useable linux distributions. If you want to install one, can ask TYC for help. =PPP

As for myself, "Operation Cleanup" is coming...

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