Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hell (Week)

Have been busy of late, trying to rush finish my revisions for my upcoming exams amongst other activities/commitments... of which the only thing I look forward to being relinquished of
are these exams*.

More studying to come...but yet...
Anyways, as for the conclusion for the polls (okok, sorry for all the shredded towels), the points are simple:

- as with the curious/'skeptical'/sober/realistic nature of us here going to find out the truthfulness behind the claim of "Fire!", the claims of the bible (from which christianity came about) demand similar attention: of the origin, the source of the problem, the BIG problem, the only solution to it, the results of the solution, and the choice/response that's demanded.

- for those who're already out of the 'burning house', remember that the 'house' will not stay burning forever, and that the result will certainly not be pretty...do we see the importance of helping people out of it? Or do we simply can't care less as to what happens to everyone else?
Heaven is real for sure, but upon realising the reality of hell (a partial glimpse of what it's like's in Romans 1 already, only that the real one is far worse), one can only be put back in place in viewing God as not just some lovey-dovey old man who rescues 'cute and loveable' humans, but someone who truly has every right (and power) to sentence us to that place, and in partially understanding the mercy that has been shown to some of us all so far.
It's really sickening to see the kind of untruths that bog people down in their understanding as seen in many ways, and the only thing we can do is to continue to ask God to have mercy on them too, and continue to pass on the urgent message that everyone needs to hear.

(*: edited)


hamster said...

I shall pass you my bill for the chewed towels later...

Giraffe Pen (기린 만년필) said...

A burning house, eh? That reminds me of the song Disco Inferno:

To my surprise one hundred stories high
People getting loose now, getting down on the roof
Folks screaming, out of control
It was so entertaining when the boogie started to explode
I heard somebody say

(Burn baby burn) Disco Inferno
(Burn baby burn) Burn that mother down
(Burn baby burn) Disco Inferno
(Burn baby burn) Burn that mother down