Saturday, October 08, 2005

Poll #1

One day (有一天?) whilst happily doing your own stuff in your house, and you hear a shout: "The house's on fire! Run!!"

What do you do?
1) Carry on with what you're doing, oblivious to it.
2) Try to find out whether the fire is real or not.
3) Ignore the warning, fire or not, since you're in the living room.
4) Run out of the house straight away anyway.

(PS: Pls comment leh!)


tree said...

I pick (2).
Pretty expected, I guess. But yeah, it's the skeptism speaking. :)

adrian said...

sama, sama... i pick (2) too

Angela said...

i'll ask where the fire is, see if i can put it out. grab my hp, call fire brigade n run outta the house if too big. so i guess my pick is 2

stiTcHx (><,) said...

Huh...why such a weird question?? Anyway, I'll choose (2).

taiyongchieh said...


adrian said...

hey ray, so... is there any conclusion to this poll?? :p

GunBlad3 said...

Hehe...wait a day or two more, got a few more polls before the conclusion ;)

hamster said...

Find out who's shouting. I would trust the shouter even if I don't see the fire if I know the shouter and I believe him/her.

If the shouter is someone I trust, I'd grab the nearest bucket though.

Can you set up an option for that?


GunBlad3 said... can count that as another option also ;)

Second poll coming up by tonight~