Sunday, October 02, 2005


Romans 6-7

Fighting means:
- going in the opposite direction from the opponent.
- not going with the opponent.

Fighting sin means:
- taking this struggle seriously.
- going all out to put it to death, now that it's power over us has been broken through Christ's death and resurrection.
- acknowledging sin, but only to deal with it, and not to carry on in the old ways any more.
- helping others to fight, knowing that christians are in the same situation here in this world.

We fight because:
- made righteous by God, in Christ, through faith, we now do not belong in the old world.
- we no longer are under sin's dominion any more.
- we belong to a new master, which is Christ, and it's only right to obey the new master.
- we now live in a tension between the two realms (Rom 5:12-21), as opposed to being originally helplessly stuck in the realm that results in death only.
- no longer under sin's power, but still in it's temporary sphere of influence, till we die or Christ comes to judge the world, whichever is sooner.