Monday, March 07, 2005


Finally got the chance to talk a little to pastor about this issue, thanks to W who brought it up as a CGL, although as yet again, I suspect that he may have gotten some misunderstandings of what I do stand for or am trying to do (yet again as in many of my attempts to communicate with others).

I've come to understand a bit more about pastor, but I'm still worried in a sense.


hamster said...

Curious leh. What church ARE you from, and what's the issue har. :( I feel like a Kay Pee Oh.

GunBlad3 said...

Well, the "issue" (more like a dilemma) is this.

As for which church I'm from, look around my blog carefully, you'll find out quite easily. Since you have quite a bit of time to read around I guess? ;)