Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Just talked to my friend, whom I've known since secondary school days.

He just broke up with his girlfriend, and I have absolutely no idea how to console him on this, not that I'm that good at it either. And in our short conversation, I'm reminded about the friends whom go through the same cycles of action which led to nothing better in the long run, as much as it seemed good at the moment of time, and the values I used to have, even as I was a "christian" amongst them, but one whom never knew about what it meant to be in a relationship with God.

Not that I don't believe in consoling him also, even as he certainly is in pain, but the thing that he really needs is to be set free...with the truth.

The real truth, about all the rubbish in this world, about sin, about the horrible horrible consequences of it, both now and in the future, about our hopelessness, about mankind's only hope...