Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The world on marriage

If cute/pretty/handsome/smart (choose any combination of it), it makes the person a "natural" choice for a spouse.

Where fidelity is sidelined and promiscuous behaviour is increasingly being accepted, even here in Singapore.

Such is the ideas that bombard us all in this fallen world, and no one is spared as long as you're alive, whether male or female, young or old, even christian or not.

The results? Far too many to list...really too many. *sic*

Not condemning anyone, since we have no hope of our own, if not for God seeking us out, and also looking at where we came from, which exactly was this: our outright rebellion against God's rule, be it consciously or not.

But still...it'd be a wonderful thing if everybody lived our lives as we should be....from that day of judgement.

I myself am still trying to find out about and work out God's idea in terms of marriage, etc, that I may be able to continue to grow. But you who read this, single or not, if you've already given your lives to Christ, do try to find out if you've not already learnt yet (it certainly is very DIFFERENT from what we see, even today), and to continue in it if you've already had, giving thanks to God for the ability to trust in Christ in this area whilst being vigilant. If you're not a christian, do seriously consider the claims of Jesus Christ, as recorded in the bible, for yourself. Nobody knows how much time we all have left, before it's too late.


Giraffe Pen (기린 만년필) said...

It's hard now for Christians to assume that their spouses or partners are pure (virginal) and untainted by worldliness. Take me, for instance. Why would any woman want to marry a guy with a history of homosexuality?
In my own experience I've come to face the hard fact that unfortunately many Christian women want untainted husbands. But I wonder if that is realistic or graeful to expect?

- H.

GunBlad3 said...

Well....I think it's better to choose someone who knows what to look for in a partner, according to God's design.

Anonymous said...

I can vaguely see what you mean. The only problem is that the meaning of what you're saying is really vague and unclear, especially in practical terms.

- H.

GunBlad3 said...

If the ladies that you meet, all want to have untainted husbands, etc, they probably do not know (yet) about what they should truly look for in a spouse.

But more importantly, we should try to find out what we as humans should look out for (according to God's Word), and prayerfully work toward that (what we should be like/how we should act) whilst helping others to understand when appropiate. Also it's because we have to lead in the relationship as men when we do find a partner.