Sunday, August 10, 2008

Who is the Lord...? I don't know the Lord...

(From Exodus 5:2) But Pharaoh said, “Who is the Lord...? I do not know the Lord...”

Words cannot describe the sadness, fear and helplessness that I feel now.

The Pharaoh was a guy who had no knowledge of, and gave no attention to who this so-called God is, as brazenly reflected in his reply to Moses and Aaron.

As some of us may know, he (and his country) didn't come to a good end even in that story, having being subjected to a variety of massive plagues and punishments, including the loss of his firstborn son. All as a punishment from God for his defiance at the Creator.

The story also pointed forwards, to the time when Jesus will come back, and every knee will bow, every tongue confess that Jesus the Christ is Lord. There will only be two different groups of people: who say Jesus is their King, and those who (are forced to) say that Jesus is the King.

Of course we don't deny God (and Christ) in the same way as the Pharaoh did. But are we doing so in the way we live our lives?

Yes yes yes...we go to church, we've come to know and verbally affirm our belief in what's right and true... but just looking at the way I've been thinking about things, how I've spent my time, how I acted in different situations, what were the things I talked to people about... only showed that I don't acknowledge the Creator either.

Take work for example: when the demands of work come into conflict with the things that need to be done in service of God, be it spending time with my wife or just going to cell group for group bible study and fellowship, what takes precedence? In the beginning of my working life, it was still pretty much balanced out, but it gradually degraded to the state it is now..

I'm sad, because of how I've let things degenerate to the way things are now. But just as troubling is how am I going to lead my wife (spiritually) in this marriage in this state? I only am going to bring her down, and will be equally responsible for it as she would be.

Helplessness... at knowing that I can't change this by myself... but can only cry out for help as I make it a point to repent for the better..

I'm dying, but I hope revival comes before it's too late.

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hamster said...

Take heart brother. When Pharoah didn't know the Lord, it was marked by a lack of repentance, and even the apologies were of the insincere type. We have been given knowledge of the Lord because of the Helper that is given to us. Through Him, the mysteries of our Lord have been revealed.

The very fact that you are willing to repent is already a change in you, wrought by the hand of God with the prompting of His Spirit. Take heart, be encouraged and soldier on for His glory!