Thursday, April 24, 2008

It takes two hands to clap

Clashed with my mum again today. Or rather, she said some things this morning, some of which were true, some of which were just unfounded and untrue. Chose not to fight with her because of time, and the fact that quarrelling with her brings no progress at all. But as a result, lost the chance to explain to her, and to reason with her.

What i really can't stand is the ingrained attitude shown (not just in her, but when seen in some people around sometimes), that only the people around her are wrong, and that she's perfectly right always.

I'm really really angry, not just at her, but at how things have downward spiraled into this state.

How should i be thinking about this? I can remember a few points:

  • Hypocrisy is out. Recognise and work on your own faults first before helping others with theirs. It's always easier to see and focus on others' wrong.

  • In doing what's right, we must be ready also to give up on our (legal &/or moral) rights. That's exactly the way Jesus walked. The way of the cross.

  • Do unto others as how you'd have others to do unto you. Not wait for others to do something as you'd like, then reciprocate.

  • Anger tantamounts to murder.

Remembering what i learnt so far is the first step. But i'd sure need help to obey God in this area.

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