Saturday, February 23, 2008

It seems that making simple(r than the usual) wedding plans do come with their own set of problems as well.

With the constraints that we face currently, we definitely will not be able to invite everyone that we'd wish to invite, and the range of responses I got from friends spanned the gamut: from the indifferent response to the I'm-kinda-ok-with-that response to the not-pleased-with-that-at-all kind of response.

In Singapore, it seems that all around assumes that there'll be some kind of arrangement at least to accomodate everyone around for at least the ceremony &/or dinner.

It does suck to break the news to those who'd really wish to be there on that day itself. But whether in the end an arrangement is fulfilled to celebrate with you in an alternative arrangement or not, rest assured: to the only few friends (outside of church) that I've come to know and keep in contact over the years, you're just as important to me as the church family, family and relatives that I know too, even though we don't meet regularly or relate to one another in the same way all the time.

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