Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Exams starting

Exams are starting!

A bit the gan-cheong, and the more stress I get, the more I need to go things like watching movies, etc. =D

But that's beside the point of this post. Pls pray for me, ok? Not for me to do well in this exams, or even that the exam paper markers will give good grades, or for them to go temporarily blur when they mark my paper so that they'll just mark "correct" regardless (though it'd be nice =D), or for...

But rather, pray for me to just do my best, that whatever the outcome of this (I get the miraculous 1st class or 2nd upper class honours, or that I pass and clear uni normally, or that I fail and stay back one semester, or etc. etc. etc.), I will think, act and speak in a way that shows love towards others and a knowledge of what's truly best. (Phil 1:9-11)

Need to sleep soon liao. First paper in about 9 hours' time...