Monday, March 12, 2007

FYP (partial) product

Have had quite an experience in doing my FYP, finding out about the techniques and knowledge needed to do it. It's supposed to be a webcam document scanner, where we use a webcam to scan in a document (duh). Here're some of the pictures I took with it whilst testing the basic prototype.

What you see here is the test, done under PERFECT conditions. The real thing doesn't work THAT well, yet?

Although it's designed for scanning in documents, some 'fun' things can be scanned in also, like the Windows XP login screen and part of my Gmail inbox.

And surprisingly, it works pretty well when used in non-text scenarios, like looking aroung the school library lol. I guess it's because the problem of perspective disappears when looking at faraway objects, making it easier for the computer to find a place to stitch the pictures.

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