Sunday, June 11, 2006


For those who don't know yet about this, I commend this highly to you ;) Really.

From Project Timothy, the upcoming bible conference from 15 to 16 July...

Going to church can sometimes be a bit of a mixed experience. There's great singing, visuals and friends but the snag comes when we have to sit through a boring talk on the Bible. Inexplicably, it manages to be dry, tedious and devoid of relevance and power. Yet we have a nagging worry that the Bible is necessary and should have a proper place in our Christian lives. But we struggle to figure out what that role is.

Maybe it is one tool among the many God has given us, and we can be free to major on the tool that suits us best?

Maybe it's the advanced tool meant mainly for intellectual people, who are the ones who are able to understand and enjoy it fully?

Maybe it's the tool that gives abstract ideas about God and tips for practical living has to be found from wisdom elsewhere?

This year's PTBC will zoom in on Psalm 119, a psalm that pulsates with love for God's word. The Psalmist's thirst and hunger for God's word challenges our modern, muted response to the Bible. The Psalm initiates us into the delight, comfort and liberation that come from knowing the word of God. In studying it, we might be able to recover something of the joy of engaging with God's word. Along with expositions on Psalm 119, there will also be thematic talks on how the word of God shapes the people of God. There will also be "Berean Small Groups" for the first time, to equip people to read the Bible for themselves.

Sign up now, and be renewed in your love for God's word.

Highlights of the weekend:

  • 3 Bible expositions of select passages from Psalm 119 by Christopher Ash
  • 2 Thematic talks on what the whole Bible teaches about God's word, its relationship to the church and how it shapes the people of God
  • NEW! Berean Small Groups to equip people to read the Bible for themselves
For enquiries, please call Lit Lam at 9423 4940 or email

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