Thursday, May 18, 2006

Faith and fatalism

Read this from Guidance and the Voice of God, just to share with you all:

(From chapter 5's summary, pg 48)
In the Bible, 'faith' is not fatalistic. It is not sitting back and letting God do it all. Faith is an active relationship of trust and dependence and it is expressed in thousands of ways. If we trust God's power and love towards us, then we will pray to him for our needs and thank him for all that he gives to us. We will listen to what he says and obey it. We will confidently follow his directions, knowing that they lead heavenward.

What hit me was that although not all of us hold that kind of understanding of 'let go and let God', but many (including myself) can improve in living out the implications of what we say: 'I trust God'.

Hope (and pray) to change in this area... =)

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