Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The taxi driver

Took a cab down to work a couple of days ago, as I was running late for work, and I had a lot to do.

In the course of our conversations during the ride (which was started and ended with which is the better way to Tiong Bahru from home, by CTE or by Farrer road? Farrer road's better, btw) we talked abt his son and daughter.

The (older) son is relatively uneducated, works by driving for people (cranes or something like that) and doesn't get paid much, but the taxi driver really brightened up when he talked about him, because the son really is able to talk to the dad and all.

On the other hand, the younger daughter's more well educated, is a police force scholar, currently holds a 4-5K job in her mid twenties, gives a portion of her salary to her parents regularly and all. But the taxi driver doesn't even get to talk to her properly, doesn't really know what's going on in her life and all, and doesn't even care to use the money that she gives.

I've a long way to go in terms of being able to talk to my mum (and in the process take care of her) like this, with God's help...

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