Saturday, June 18, 2005

Gospel and Family

I've decided to go into "missions", right from the "comfort of my home"!

Where's this 'mission field'? It home (duh).

Hearing the message by Edmund Fong from last Sunday on the biblical overview of family was really heart-wrenching, not because he was especially eloquent, or that his message was delivered in a way that really got me all excited and stuff, but that the way I treat others at home, is really contradictory to how we treat others in the family of God.

Saved by God by sending His Son to the cross, so that we may have a restored relationship both with God and one another. With such a status whilst here on earth, we learn to live in a godly manner toward both God and His people (ie. one another). But when we (ok, I'm generalising here on purpose) go back to our homes, the way we treat the families we were born into, be it whether christian or not, is still the same, even though we have a different view of family now.

Ignoring my family members as if they weren't there...wilfully disobeying my mum (at times still)...not caring for them at all...seems like a far cry from how I treat the new family I was brought into.

Yes, even as I try to learn to submit to my mum(as long as it doesn't contradict with what the people of God would do), both as a testimony to her, and also to foster better relationships with her, so that along the way I would be able to encourage her also, the thought of encouraging my own brother has never crossed my mind, until the day a sister brought that up, and now I'm also reminded about how we view family as citizens of the world to come...

The last thing I'd ever say about my family right now (and if I said that, you'll know that I'm lying) is that it is a happy, loving family of people (saved by God). But even as we still will sin along the way whilst in this world, I have absolutely no reason not to change how I live at a christian.

Because by God's grace, we have a right relationship restored with Him by what Christ has done on the cross, hence we are able to have a right relationship with others here on earth. All this by the workings of God in us.

I guess my 'mission trip' will start soon, I don't know how long it will take, but I guess I can safely say that until Christ comes again, this 'mission trip' will not end by then. So do pray with me! ;)


Anonymous said...

Good dude! Will pray for healing and restoration of realtionships in your family. Buzzz...

GunBlad3 said...

How's your ankle, bro?

yifen said...

Good to hear that! Sure, we will all be praying for you. :) Thank God for His Spirit working in us to transform us into Christ-likeness.